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PeakPlus Personal Alarm for Women

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 PeakPlus Personal Alarm, Personal Alarms, SOS Alarms, Personal Safety Alarms, Self Defense, Personal Protection,
PeakPlus Personal Alarm

An excellent value for money deal on 2 x top-quality personal alarms.

The PeakPlus Personal Alarm features a loud 130dB alarm siren. It is push-button activated, and it has a backup safety whistle too.

The personal SOS alarm comes with a key chain attachment. So, you can attach it to your bag, hang it from a belt loop, or you can keep it with your keys.

Loud, 130dB Personal Attack Alarm

The alarm siren on this PeakPlus SOS alarm is 130dB. That’s at the upper end of the range when it comes to personal alarms. 130dB is loud enough be very uncomfortable. It will attract attention, and it will make an attacker back off.

Personal Keychain Alarm with Button Activation

The PeakPlus Personal Alarm has a push-button activation. You deactivate the alarm by pressing another button. Unlike some alarms, pulling on the keychain won’t activate this alarm. That is a nice design feature, because it will mean fewer false alarms.

Built-in Backup Safety Whistle.

This is one of the very few personal alarms that has a backup whistle. That gives you a second line of defense if the batteries go flat. We have no idea why more personal alarms don’t have this feature. It’s such a simple idea, but it makes the alarm much more effective.

The only other personal alarm with a backup whistle that we are aware of is the Vigilant PPS-23BLK. So, come on alarm manufacturers; let’s see more personal alarms with backup whistles!

PeakPlus Personal Alarm for Women

The PeakPlus Personal Alarm for Women is a very nice personal attack alarm. We liked the separate activation button, and we like the fact it has replaceable batteries. We also liked the general build quality of the product. It looks and feels like a decent quality device.

Customer reviews of this product are also good. At the time of writing, it has 88% 4-5-star rating. The few negative comments that we found are about accidental alarms. With a push-button personal alarm, it is possible to press the button by accident. Even so, any personal alarm can be set off by accident sometimes.

The PeakPlus Personal Alarm is a good-quality alarm at a very reasonable price. Especially if you take advantage of this 2-pack deal offer.

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