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Do Personal Alarms Work? – Find Out Here!

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Do Personal Alarms Work?

Personal alarms are simple but effective personal security devices. They are relatively cheap to buy, and they are becoming very popular. But, a question that many people have is; do personal alarms work?

When you have pepper sprays and stun guns available, a personal alarm may not appear to be a very effective personal protection device. So, in what circumstances are personal alarms effective. How do personal alarms work? Can a personal alarm really be an effective way to deter an attacker?

If you have ever wondered if personal alarms really work, read on. Learn how personal alarms work and why they are effective self-defense devices.

What are Personal Alarms?

A personal alarm is an inexpensive self-defense device. They emit a loud siren sound when activated. The best personal alarms are small, portable and they are cheap to buy. They come in a range of different styles and colors. There are also different types of personal alarms for different uses.

As well as asking as personal alarms work, you should also be asking what type of personal alarm will be best for me. For more help on choosing the best personal alarm for you, read our Personal Alarm Buyers Guide.

How do Personal Alarms Work?

When activated, a personal alarm will emit a very loud alarm siren. Some personal alarms also have flashing LED lights. These will help attract attention when the alarm has is set off.

Contrary to popular belief, the main purpose of a personal alarm is not to summon help. The main purpose of a personal alarm is to scare an attacker away. The last thing that any kind of criminal wants is to get caught. When personal alarm sounds, it will confuse a disorientate an attacker. It will also make them want to escape the noise for fear of getting caught in the act. In some cases, the sight of a personal alarm alone will deter an attacker from even attempting to commit a crime.

Personal alarms work, because a thief or an attacker does not want to get caught. An attacker will usually flee at the sound of personal alarm, before they can do any harm or steal anything.

In What Situations Do Personal Alarms Work?

Personal alarms are effective self-defense devices. You can take them with you anywhere. When you are alone, a personal alarm will provide an effective means of deterring an attacker.

If you are out late at night. If you go running on your own. If you are travelling solo. A personal alarm is a personal safety device that you can always carry with you. There are no restrictions on where you can carry a personal alarm. They are legal in all 50 states, there are no age restrictions on them. You can carry a personal alarm on most airlines too.

DoPersonal Alarms Work Better than Pepper Sprays?

Pepper sprays are a popular personal security product. But, while pepper sprays are very effective, they do have their drawbacks.

Pepper Spray Legal Restrictions

One of the drawbacks with pepper sprays is that there are some restrictions on their use. Some states have age restrictions on the sale and use of pepper sprays. Some states have restrictions on the size of pepper spray canisters. There are also shipping restrictions and other sale restrictions in some states. Pepper are not legal at all in some countries. Pepper spray is illegal in the UK, for example. Pepper sprays are not allowed in carry-on luggage on most airlines. Many colleges and schools do not allow students to carry pepper sprays on campus.

Pepper Sprays May Affect Innocent Bystanders, or You

Modern pepper sprays are well-made and accurate. But, there is a danger that a pepper spray may blow back and affect the user as much as the attacker. There is also a danger that, in a crowded place, a pepper spray will affect innocent bystanders.

If You Set-off a Personal Alarm by Accident, It’s Only Embarrassing

Pepper sprays and personal alarms can be set off by accident. If you set off a personal alarm by accident, it can be embarrassing. If you set off a pepper spray by accident, it can cause you and bystanders pain and discomfort.

Pepper Spray May Make a Situation Worse

A pepper spray will disable an attacker, and it will hurt. That’s why pepper sprays are so effective. The flip side to that, though, is that an assailant will know this too. When an attacker sees that you have a pepper spray, they may attack you to stop you using it. If an attacker is not disabled by a pepper spray, they may become angry that you have used a pepper spray on them. An attacker might take a pepper spray and use it on you.

If You Make a Mistake with a Pepper Spray, Sorry Isn’t Going to Cut It!

If you overreact and use a pepper spray on someone who didn’t mean you any harm, it could be very awkward for you indeed. The deliberate misuse of a pepper spray is an offense. It could land you a fine, or even imprisonment.

Personal Alarm or Pepper Spray?

Personal alarms effective in most circumstances. If you use a pepper spray in the right circumstances, it may be more effective. But, personal alarms don’t have the same drawbacks of pepper sprays that we mentioned above.

The answer to the question of; do personal alarms work, is yes. Personal alarms do work. Many police departments recommend them as effective self-defense devices.

The question of whether a personal alarm is better than a pepper spray is more debatable. That depends on who you are, where in the world you live, and where you want to carry your personal security device. That’s why many people now choose to have both a pepper spray and a personal alarm, because it gives them more choice.

Find out More about Personal Alarms

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