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Proper Safety Tips When Working with Chemicals (Infographic)

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Safety Tips When Working with Chemicals

Guest post by: EOC1

Main Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Maintaining a safe and productive working environment can be challenging no matter the circumstances. However, that challenge is magnified when chemicals are involved. Without proper handling, many of the substances on which we depend could be dangerous. Whether they emit noxious fumes, burn skin, or are highly flammable, it is crucial that precautions are taken at all times. Although procedures may change depending on the chemical, there are some steps that should always be followed regardless of what is being used.

For example, ensuring good ventilation helps to prevent vapors from reaching toxic concentrations in confined spaces. Facilities in which chemicals are used regularly should be equipped with filtration systems to remove these contaminates from the air, as well. Any employee tasked with handling these chemicals should be outfitted with all of the necessary safety gear — including goggles, gloves, and respirators.

Personnel also need to be provided with adequate training in safe techniques. Employers are responsible for keeping their facilities properly organized and ready to deal with emergencies. This means following strict labeling and storage processes as well as installing eyewash and shower stations. Additionally, management has to engage in regular inspections of all containers and other equipment used to store and process hazardous materials. Above all else, there must be a strong set of protocols in place to promote the correct way to handle substances as well as how to address accidents.

Protecting people and assets is paramount whenever potentially dangerous materials are in play. Working with chemicals means treating them with respect and being cognizant of the dangers they present. For these and other safety tips for your operations, see the accompanying infographic. It contains advice that could prevent a serious accident from hurting the health and wellness of workers.

Proper Chemical Safety Tips from EOC1.

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Our thanks to EOC1 for providing us with this informative infographic. EOC1 is a leading cleanroom certification company providing controlled environments testing and certification services.