Personal Alarm for Runners, Belt Clip Personal Alarm, SABRE Personal Alarm

SABRE Personal Alarm with Clip and LED Light

Belt Clip Personal Alarm, Personal Alarm for Runners, SABRE Personal Alarm

Sabre Personal Alarm with Clip and LED Light,

120dB personal alarm with belt clip and LED flashlight. Button activated, with flashing LED lights for extra visibility. A great personal alarm for runners, walkers and cyclists from one of the best personal alarm manufacturers on the market.

SABRE is well-known for designing cool looking and sophisticated personal alarms. Alarms that are suitable for many purposes. Their personal alarms are portable and not at all awkward to carry. SABRE have also increased the confidence level of their users over time. That is well-demonstrated by the many positive customer reviews of SABRE personal alarms.

One of the best-selling SABRE personal alarms is this superb SABRE Personal Alarm with Clip and LED Light. This alarm is a lightweight and powerful 120dB safety alarm that you can use when and where you need it. That could be when you are walking a dog, jogging, or whatever the case may be. With the push of a button, this device makes a very high-pitched sound. A sound that will gain the attention of people within 600 feet of your location. It will also startle and scare off a potential attacker.

This SABRE personal alarm has a built-in bright LED light that has three modes of operation. They are: flashlight, slow flash and fast flash. These three operational modes come into use on different occasions. The flashlight mode would be great in any situation where you are trying to find your way in the dark or find your keys. The slow flash and fast flash can be used to alert drivers of your presence while you are running or walking. The LED light also flashes in alternating colors when the alarm is activated.

The SABRE Personal Alarm with Clip and LED Light is small enough to blend in with whatever you are wearing. The clip makes it easy to attach to your belt or an armband, so it won’t hinder your movement or be uncomfortable. It is also very easy to use. It is a personal alarm that is well worth considering.


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