SABRE Personal Safety Kit, Keychain Alarm, Pepper Spray, Sabre Personal Alarm,

SABRE Personal Safety Kit – Keychain Alarm and Pepper Spray

Keychain Alarm, Pepper Spray, SABRE Personal Alarm

SABRE Personal Safety Kit, Keychain Alarm, Pepper Spray, Sabre Personal Alarm, The perfect combination of keychain alarm and pepper spray in one handy kit. 120dB personal alarm and a top of the range SABRE Red pepper spray. Double the protection, but not double the price!

The SABRE personal safety kit combines two easily accessible personal protection options. The SABRE Red pepper spray and the high-pitched sound of the SABRE personal alarm. Carrying both types of personal safety devices gives you double the protection. It also gives you more choice.

There may be occasions when you feel that pepper spray would be an overreaction. Perhaps a warning would suffice. In these situations, you could sound the alarm first, and then employ the pepper spray if it was still needed.

You can also keep a personal alarm in a more accessible place, like hanging from your bag or on your key ring. Having both devices would mean that you can activate the alarm first, giving you time to find the pepper spray if you need it.

Pepper sprays have over time proven to be excellent self-defense items. Once sprayed, they destabilize the attacker and give you enough time to either run away or call for help. Many people have told how pepper spray has kept them from harm.

The SABRE red pepper spray with key ring makes immediate access to the spray possible. The finger grip helps ensure that you are pointing the pepper spray in the right direction. The SABRE Red pepper spray has a locking safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. It has been tested and is a well-trusted and reliable pepper spray.

SABRE has been in the business of producing the most effective and trustworthy pepper sprays for more than 40 years. SABRE 3-IN-1 and SABRE Red have been proven to be amongst the best pepper sprays worldwide.

The SABRE personal alarm produces an ear-piercing sound at the instance of activation. This will scare off potential attackers and attract the attention of other people. This personal alarm is 120dB and is audible up to about 600 feet away. The alarm can be attached to your bag, purse or backpack by the key ring attachment.

SABRE Personal Safety Keychain Alarm and Pepper Spray Kit is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the dual protection of a pepper spray and a personal alarm.


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