SABRE Personal Self-defense Key Ring Safety Alarm, SABRE Personal Alarm, Keychain Alarm, Key Ring Safety Alarm

SABRE Personal Self-defense Key Ring Safety Alarm

Keychain Alarm, SABRE Personal Alarm

SABRE Personal Safety Kit, Keychain Alarm, Pepper Spray, Sabre Personal Alarm, Straight forward, but very effective personal alarm. Simple to use, easy pin-pull activation, 110dB alarm. Safe for children and people of all ages. A great, all-rounder of keychain style personal alarm.

The SABRE Personal Self-Defense Key Ring Safety Alarm provides an ear-splitting sound when it is separated from the key chain. The alarm will quickly attract attention when you need it. It will disorientate an attacker and scare them away.

The SABRE Personal Self-Defense Key Ring Safety Alarm can easily be attached to a bag, backpack, purse, making it easy to get to in an emergency. It could also be used as a key ring or kept in your purse.

This great little SABRE personal alarm also has a bright LED light for illumination to light up dark areas. It is very simple to use, and it is easily accessible.

It is perfect for mums, seniors, college students, children, commuters, nurses, etc. Once it has been activated, the alarm is audible up to 500 feet away. It comes with batteries that are preloaded and the batteries are easily replaceable.

The attack alarm is reusable. You push the pin back in to turn off the alarm and after that you can use it again. It is safe for use by all ages.

There is nothing flashy or clever about this personal alarm from SABRE. It’s just a good, solid and reliable keychain personal alarm that you could take anywhere with you!


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