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Safer Home Cleaning: 7 Cleaning Safety Tips You Need to Keep in Mind

Last Updated on January 4, 2022

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Safer Home Cleaning

Guest Post By: Jacky XU, Maid Sailors

A clean house prevents you from spreading disease-causing bacteria and viruses in your home. However, we often think that we need chemical-laden cleaning products to achieve that.

That said, we are sharing seven tips that can help you clean your house while ensuring safety.

Ventilation is Key

One of the things that you should keep in mind when you’re cleaning your home would be the ventilation in the area.

Some of the everyday cleaning products that people use when cleaning their homes often have harsh chemicals. When people breathe this in, they might get side effects. This includes respiratory problems, headaches, irritated eyes and throat, and more.

Given all these issues, you don’t want to be marinating in these harmful air particles floating in your indoor air as you’re cleaning. Therefore, make sure that you open the windows and have a fan that can help circulate the air around. Some people even use an air purifier while they’re cleaning, so if you have that, try it yourself.

Carefully Read the Labels

Before using any cleaning products, it’s a good idea to read the labels to get a clear picture of these products’ intended purpose.

Reading the labels first before using them is always a good rule of thumb simply because it can also tell you whether you’re using the item wrong. Otherwise, you might end up doing damage to the items or parts of your home that you’re cleaning.

Aside from potentially harming your home, it can have an unwanted side effect on you as well.

If your cleaning solution has a warning label on it, you should pay close attention to that and make sure that you read through it. That way, you avoid any accidents involving your cleaning solutions.

Dilute Concentrated Cleaning Products

If you have a limited budget, consider buying concentrated cleaning products. While they are deemed too strong, you can dilute them with water and ensure that your supply lasts for months.

If you’re not careful with using these products, though, these can harm your home, and they can hurt you as well.

With that said, the best way to use such concentrated cleaning products is by diluting them down until they’re more manageable. That’s how you can save more money while also ensuring a safe home cleaning practice.

Many of these chemical-laden cleaning products also come with instructions on how to use them properly. Hence, you should read those thoroughly.

Don’t Mix Chemicals

If you ever think about combining all sorts of cleaning products to make a stronger solution, we advise you not to do so.

For one, you’re not a professional chemist. Hence, you are less likely to know what chemical reactions you can produce (HINT: You wouldn’t like it).

Second, this can pose a danger, such as a chemical burn. Hence, there should be no reason for you to mix up the chemicals in these cleaning solutions, so don’t do that.

Wear Hand Gloves

As we mentioned earlier, breathing in your cleaning products can cause respiratory issues. Imagine what it can do if it makes direct contact with your skin.

That’s why when you’re cleaning your house, make sure that you use hand gloves so that you can be as protected as possible. Some people even wear aprons to fully protect themselves while wearing gloves that reach up to their elbow.

Store Cleaning Products Away from Children’s Reach

Cleaning products are harmful to adults, so what more will the effect be on young children and even pets?

To be safe, keep these cleaning products away from the reach of children so avoid having them anywhere close to the ground. It might be inconvenient to you, but at least it’s safe.

Dispose of Cleaning Products Safely

Aside from knowing how to keep your cleaning products properly, you should also learn to dispose of them correctly.

Not every cleaning product is meant to be poured down the drain. You should look for instructions on how to dispose of it, instead.

Often, you can find it on the label. Otherwise, you can do some online sleuthing for advice.


It is your prerogative to choose which cleaning products to use in your house. However, it is vital to keep the cleaning safety tips listed above in mind. That way, you will not cause any danger to yourself and your family when cleaning the house.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash.

About the Author:

Jacky Xu

Jacky Xu is the Chief Operating Officer at Maid Sailors.

Maid Sailors takes pride in providing unparalleled cleaning services at affordable prices and will help transform your house into a home.

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