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Safety at Construction Sites – Ensuring Worker’s Safety

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Safety at Construction Sites – Ensuring Worker’s Safety

Guest Post By: Mike Morleye

Construction sites are always equipped with forklifts, cranes, and other machinery. And, if the construction is road work, right traffic management is required. Especially the road work or construction is near to the commercial or residential area.

Managing traffic near and around the construction site is essential to ensure the safety of workers as well as the general public. If you are wondering why traffic management is important? Then here is the answer:

Cars, bikes, and other vehicles moving around the site can cause severe injuries to workers and public available there. And, sometimes the heavy machinery when getting distracted becomes the reason for the death of someone.

That’s why the right traffic management plan is necessary on such sites for safety. Correct training, controlling vehicle operations, and if it is roadwork, then pedestrian movements must be managed in an effective way to ensure people’s safety. But how to control traffic on construction sites in an effective manner? Read below:

Put Up Sign Boards

Sign boards give information to people coming to the area about construction work. Just make sure these sign boards are visible for everyone. Also, display a site plan and mark your routes where the construction work is happening.

Make a Plan

If you are working on a construction site, you must have a temporary traffic control plan to divert the vehicles. It is necessary for the safety of workers in the work zone. Also, you must have a second traffic control plan for inside control of heavy vehicles like cranes, trucks etc.

Separate Pedestrians and Vehicles

Most incidents happen when there is an inadequate separation of pedestrians and vehicles. So there must be the right planning and vehicle operation control during construction work. For this, follow some rules:

  • There must be separate entry and exit for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • On the site, must make plans to provide well-maintained pedestrian walkways that take direct route if possible.
  • And, if the walkway crosses the roadway, put clear signs at the crossing that can be seen by drivers easily.
  • Install some barriers between roadway and walkway.
  • Do not block pedestrians. It will give them a reason to walk over vehicle routes.
  • Make sure that drivers can see both crossings easily from a distance.

Minimise Vehicle Movement

Make a good plan to minimise the moment of vehicles near the construction site. Divert the route for the general public to make sure no accidents happen due to traffic in the area. Also, provide parking space for the staff to keep away their vehicles from the site. Provide a different storage area that is way from the site so that the delivery vehicles do not enter or cross the site.

Workforce to Control Traffic

There must be some workers on duty, especially to control traffic. You can hire specific companies for traffic management on construction sites. These companies provide trained professionals to control vehicles and public moments around the construction site. Also, they have all the equipment of traffic management, and you can save your money for buying them.

Control Movement of Construction Vehicles

Apart from the general vehicles, the movement of construction vehicles also needs to be controlled. The many vehicles like cranes, loaders, bulldozers, or any other heavy-duty equipment can also meet with the accident. So, there is proper management of traffic control between such vehicles. Otherwise, your workforce on site might meet with the hazards, and it costs you more and more money.

Training and Qualification

Your workforce, especially drivers, must have the right training and qualification to tackle traffic on construction sites. It allows you to manage more accurately. If they don’t know about traffic management, they might not understand the signs and meet with the accident. Also, check the knowledge of the workers you hire to control traffic movements so that there would be a smaller number of mishaps.

Make a Schedule for Different Operations

Scheduling different operations will allow you to separate the pedestrians, work area and general vehicles at the same time. Make a time chart so that the public movement on the site will not happen at the time of construction work.

Traffic controllers ensure that vehicle movement is on site with minimum risk. So, the right management plan is necessary. Having public vehicle movement when construction work is going on is the biggest reason for fatalities. But, if you divert the route and manage the traffic well with qualified workers, you can minimise the risk.

However, signs also help you significantly. The traffic control signs alert the traffic that there is a potential hazard, and the vehicle must be taken to the one way or another route. In this way, proper management of traffic ensures the safety of the general public as well as workers on site. One can also go through the government guidelines for the right plan.

All images supplied by: Mike Morleye

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