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Signaling Mirrors

Welcome to the Best Panic Alarm signaling mirrors store.

If you go hiking, hunting, or camping in the wilderness and you get injured or lost, rescuers will not know your precise location. You may be able to see a rescue party in the far distance, or a plane or helicopter may fly overhead. But, if you have no means of attracting the rescuers’ attention, you will be invisible to them.

Signalling mirrors can be used to attract attention over a range of 25 miles away. Whether you are on a boat or on lost in the mountains, a signaling mirror is your best chance of being found if you have no other means of communication.

You may have brought a safety whistle with you. But the range of any sound is limited, and it can be affected by the wind. The best thing to do is to carry both a safety whistle and a signaling mirror. Then you will be able to let rescuers know where you are, day or night.

Below, you will find ten of the best-selling signaling mirrors. These simple devices really are lifesavers, so add one to your emergency survival kit before your next adventure!

Main Image: Multi-Function Signal Mirror Survival Reflective Mirror.

Signaling Mirrors Store

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