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Stun Gun Vs Pepper Spray – Which is Best?

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Stun Gun Vs Pepper Spray

Which is best, a stun gun or a pepper spray?

Well, the fact that SABRE sell a stun gun and pepper spray combo-pack tells you something.

It tells you that even one of the leading manufacturers of self defense products don’t have a definitive answer to this question.

Both products are very effective non-lethal self defense weapons. Both are a very popular. So, how do you choose between a stun gun and pepper spray. Or, should you buy both?

Here’s a comparison of pepper sprays and stun guns to help you decide which is best.

Main Image: SABRE Pepper Spray & Stun Gun Self-Defense Kit.

Stun Gun Vs Pepper Spray Comparison

Below we have a comparison of stun guns and pepper sprays based on several important factors.

To illustrate our comparison, we have used the two products that are in the SABRE Pepper Spray & Stun Gun Self-Defense Kit.

SABRE Red Pepper Spray

SABRE, SABRE Red, Pepper Spray, OC Spray, Self Defense Spray, Stun Gun Vs Pepper Spray ComparisonThe SABRE Red pepper spray is one of the best-known brands of self defense OC sprays.

This pepper spray fires up to 35 bursts of powerful OC spray. It has a range of up to 10 feet.

Pepper spray causes intense irritation of the skin, eyes, nose and mouth. It can cause temporary blindness, a painful burning sensation, and breathing difficulties.

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SABRE Tactical Stun Gun

SABRE, SABRE Tactical Stun Gun, Stun Gun, Tactical Stun Gun, Taser, Stun Gun Vs Pepper Spray ComparisonThe SABRE Tactical Stun Gun delivers a powerful electric shock when held to a person’s skin. The electric shock causes intense pain and loss of muscle control.

This stun gun features anti grab technology. If an attacker tries to snatch the stun gun away, they will get an electric shock.

Stun guns can provide a very good deterrent. When discharged into the air, they emit sparks and a loud noise. That’s often enough to scare an attacker away.

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Stun Gun Vs Pepper Spray

Stun Gun Vs Pepper Spray Comparison, SABRE, SABRE Tactical Stun Gun, SABRE Red, Pepper Spray, OC Spray, Stun Gun, Taser

Overall Effectiveness

Both stun guns and pepper sprays are 90% effective. If you use them on people that are high on drugs or very inebriated, they may not be effective.

Pepper sprays can get blown off course by the wind. If the wind is very strong, the spray may get blown off target. There is also the possibility of the spray getting blown back in your face.


Pepper sprays are effective from a distance. The range of the example SABRE Red pepper spray is ten feet.

A stun gun must be in contact with the attacker to have any effect. When you fire a stun gun into the air, though, the noise and sparks it makes will usually deter an attacker.

Use Against Multiple Attackers

This is one aspect of self defense that pepper sprays win.

The SABRE Red pepper spray will fire up to 25 bursts over ten feet. So, you can hit several attackers from a distance.

A stun gun is only effective against one attacker at a time. Although the deterrent factor will work on many attackers at the same time.

Possibility of Being Turned Against You

Both products could be taken from you and turned against you.

The SABRE tactical stun gun has a feature to prevent this. If an attacker grabs hold of the end of the device, he will receive an electric shock.

In this case, the SABRE tactical stun gun comes out on top. You should note, though, that not all stun guns have this feature.


Stun guns are a lot more intimidating than pepper sprays. They look like they will do a lot more harm.

Both products will cause a lot of pain. But a stun gun looks a lot more intimidating when you discharge it into the air.


The portability of a stun gun or pepper spray will depend on the model you buy.

Stun guns are usually larger than pepper sprays. But there are mini-stun guns available on the market. The Guard Dog Hornet Keychain Stun Gun is a good example of a mini stun gun.


You could carry our example products in a pocket or bag, but their purpose is obvious. There may be occasions when you don’t want it to be too obvious that are carrying a self defense weapon.

In the is respect, stun guns and pepper spray are equal. Both of our example products are obviously self defense products.

You can buy disguised stun guns and disguised pepper sprays. For example, this lipstick pepper spray.


Pepper sprays are legal in all states. There are some restrictions on them in some states and cities.

Stun guns are not legal in all states and there are restrictions on them in many other states.

Both products are not permitted on commercial airline flights. And, both products are illegal to carry in some other countries.


Stun guns are usually more expensive than pepper sprays. But most stun guns are rechargeable. Pepper sprays are cheaper, but they have a limited shelf life and are not refillable.

Our example stun gun is four times the price of our example pepper spray. Having said that, stun guns only cost about $20 – $25.

Which is Best – Stun Gun or Pepper Spray?

The truth is that there is no clear winner.

The factor that is most likely to influence your decision is the range. But there are pros and cons of both products in this respect.

A pepper spray is effective on many attackers at a distance. But if you use a pepper spray on a person who has grabbed hold of you, you are likely to get a face-full of pepper spray yourself.

A stun gun is only effective up close. But you could give several attackers a jolt if they were close enough to you.

The answer to the question is a pepper spray better than a stun gun is it depends! The best solution would be to buy both.


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