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Survival Bivy Bags

Welcome to our survival bivy bags store

Survival bivy bags are lightweight emergency sleeping bags that act as an all-in-one tent, survival blanket, and emergency survival shelter.

Even when you have only planned for a one-day hiking trip or a day’s hunting in the backwoods, if you get lost, or you get injured, you may have to spend a night more out under the stars.

The fastest route to hyperthermia is sleeping out in the rain with no shelter and no warmth. But, if you carry an emergency bivy sac with you, you will always have a survival shelter, right there in your backpack or pocket.

Survival bivy bags are a must for your survival kit, hiking kit, or car emergency kit. Unlike an emergency thermal blanket, a survival bivy bag will keep you warm and dry, keep the rain or snow off you. And a bivy sack will put an insulating layer between you and the damp ground.

So, don’t get left out in the cold! Take your pick from the ten best-selling survival bivy sacs below, and be prepared for anything!

Main Image: Go Time Gear Life Emergency Thermal Bivvy.

Survival Bivy Bags Store

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