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Ten Ways Employee Engagement Ensures Safety in the Workplace

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Ten Ways Employee Engagement Ensures Safety in the Workplace.

Guest Post By: Marilou Alcaide

Safety in the workplace is a legal requirement that companies need to ensure. A safe workplace makes employees feel comfortable, as they do not have to worry about possible safety incidents. This motivates them to be more productive. Employee engagement is a management concept that believes in creating an environment where employees become enthusiastic and passionate about their work.

Employee engagement is not just about improving work productivity but can help in ensuring safety in the workplace. The following are ten ways to ensure workplace safety through employee engagement:

1) Employee engagement is possible through a well-designed employee engagement app. The app would have features that help in making an employee engaged. An engaged employee feels responsible for his work. Engaged employees would make efforts to improve workplace safety by taking ownership of this activity.

2) One of the best ways to ensure workplace safety is by conducting a workplace safety training course. If an organization implements an employee engagement app, they can offer training to employees through the app. Training becomes easier by using an app.

3) It is easy to notify staff on important events and activities using an engagement app. Information on training, safety meetings, fire safety drills, etc. can be communicated using the app.

4) Apart from the regular training, refresher or update training or quick training in the form of sharing safety posters or infographics can be done easily through the app.

5) An employee engagement app can regularly send reminder messages related to workplace safety. It can be used for employee communication to let them know of any incidents that have happened and lessons learned from it in terms of improvement in safety procedures.

6) Employees can use the app to report any safety incident or accident. They can use the app to give feedback to management to help in improving workplace safety.

7) Employee recognition is a good way of motivating people. This can be done easily through an app and employees who have a good safety record or follow safety norms scrupulously can be recognized.

8) Teams having no safety incidents can be rewarded. Similarly, those proactively working on employee safety issues can be rewarded. Reward points can be given to recognize employees. Everyone can know the system of awarding reward points, thus ensuring transparency. Reward points can be redeemed using the app for gifts or other benefits.

9) An employee engagement app can be used to get feedback from employees through a survey. Such a survey can have questions related to workplace safety. This will help the management evaluate the effectiveness of workplace safety.

10) Workplace safety procedures, guidelines on using chemicals, procedure for fire safety drills and other such documents can be shared using the employee engagement app.

All the above ways are possible using an employee engagement app. It is a good idea for organizations to implement such an app. They can use it to engage effectively with employees and in the process enhance workplace safety.

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Marilou Alcaide, safety in the workplace, safety at work, work safety, personal safety, employee engagementMarilou Alcaide

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