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The Benefits and Uses of Tactical Pens

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Benefits and Uses of Tactical Pens

Tactical pens have become a very popular every-day-carry (EDC) self-defense weapon in the past few years. That rise in popularity is likely due to the simplicity and the versatility of the device, and the fact that you can carry a tactical pen with you everywhere you go.

But, if you have been looking for a non-lethal self-defense weapon, a pen may not have been the first type of product that came to mind. There is no question that tactical pens make great gifts, but how useful are they in real-life self-defense situations. Is a self-defense pen just a novelty, or can it really be used as an effective weapon?

In this post, we take a look at the benefits and uses of tactical pens to help you decide if it is worth buying one.

Header Image: Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen.

What Is A Tactical Pen?

Tactical pens are pens that can double up as a self-defense weapon. Don’t get too excited, though, because we are not talking about a James-Bond-style pen that fires poison darts or explosive cartridges!

Tactical pens are functional pens that are made of extremely tough material, such as steel or aircraft-grade aluminum. The writing parts of a tactical pen are the same as a regular pen. The difference is that the tough outer casing allows the device to be used as a stabbing or gouging weapon.

At first glance, a tactical pen does not look much different from a regular one. It might be more substantial than a standard biro, and it might have a beveled end for striking things. The clip will also be much sturdier than a regular pen. Here is an example of a tactical pen:

Example Tactical Pen:
Gerber Gear 31-001880N Impromptu Tactical Pen, Black
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Gerber Gear 31-001880N Impromptu Tactical Pen, Black
  • Rugged, machined steel body and stainless steel pocket clip keeps this pen handy
  • Rite in the Rain ink cartridge works in all conditions, inside and outdoors
  • Reliable push-button mechanism deploys ball point mechanism
  • Integrated glass-breaker tip features tempered steel and is designed to get you out of trouble

Last update on 2021-10-16 Source: Amazon Product Advertising API

As well as being much more durable than a regular pen, some tactical pens also contain mini-tools and possibly a mini-flashlight. These extra components further increase the usefulness of the device as an EDC item.

The Benefits and Uses and of Tactical Pens

Tactical pens vary in terms of what they contain, but the basic principle is the same for all models. What you with a self-defense pen is a functional writing implement plus a handy, non-lethal self-defense weapon. Here are the main uses and benefits of tactical pens.

Durable Pen

The first and most obvious use for a tactical pen is that you can use it as your everyday writing implement. Unlike a cheap ballpoint pen, though, a tactical pen is not going to break. The best tactical pens have replaceable cartridges, too, so your pen will last you for a lifetime.

Self-Defense Weapon

One of the main reasons that people buy tactical pens is that the device can be used as a self-defense weapon. The steel or aluminum case will not break so you can stab an attacker with the pen. Here is a video that explains how to use a tactical pen for self-defense.

Glass Breaker

A tactical pen can also be used as a glass breaker. So, you can break a car window, for example, if you get trapped inside a vehicle. If you have a glass breaker with you, you will also be able to rescue someone else if they were trapped in a car.


Some tactical pens have a set of mini tools inside them. The Ape Survival tactical pen, for example, has a multi-tool that functions as a screwdriver, bottle opener, knife, and a small wrench. The Ape Survival Strikepen also has a built-in LED flashlight.

Discreet EDC Weapon

The advantage that a tactical pen has over many other types of self-defense weapons is that it is 100% discreet. These pens look and operate like any other pen, so they don’t attract any attention or cause any alarm. Because a tactical pen seems so innocuous, you can carry one with you wherever you go.

General-purpose Tool

Even if your tactical pen does not include any multi-tools, there are still hundreds of times that it could come handy. After all, who hasn’t snapped a plastic ballpoint pen trying to open packaging or prising open a container!

Should You Carry a Tactical Pen?

Like any self-defense weapon, you would hope that you never have to use a tactical pen for self-defense. Even so, it is always wise to have a means of defending yourself should the need arise. One of the significant advantages of a tactical pen is that it serves a common purpose as well as it being a self-defense weapon. So, you will use the pen, even if you never have to use it for self-defense.

There are lots of benefits and uses of tactical pens, but no disadvantages at all. You probably should not consider a tactical pen as your sole means of self-defense. But if you are going to carry a pen or buy one as a gift, why not make it a tactical pen?

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