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The Importance of Having Security Guards and Why Your Construction Site Needs Them

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The Importance of Construction Site Security Guards

Guest Post By: Jessica Coates

Your construction site requires just as much protection as other commercial locations, and perhaps even more. The site has exposure to the elements, and potential criminals can easily access the area. This openness and visibility mean that your expensive equipment and machinery are at risk of theft.

However, ensuring robust security for the site can be difficult. Take the time to employ proactive security teams who can safeguard the site using decades of experience in construction security.

The Importance of Having Security Guards

Qualified security guards can bring comfort to your construction sites. They help ensure that your team can focus on their work.

Let’s review some further benefits achieved by hiring security guards for your construction projects:

Active Monitoring

Active monitoring is vital in site security. Having a security guard on site who can note each person who enters the area can help your team resolve potential issues proactively. Security teams train to recognize subtle differences, such as passersby walking near the site each day. They also train on how to document these events, and to utilize the information in their security role.

Give Teams a Sense of Security

When your team feels safe within their construction work, they are more likely to complete the project to the highest quality levels. Security guards can help ensure a calm and secure environment for productive work. Construction team members will see a security professional on-site and feel comfortable communicating with them if they have a specific concern.

Handling On-Site Crime

Should an event occur during a shift, having a security guard ready to handle the issue can help ensure employee safety. Security guards are trained in communicating with potential criminals and in defusing potentially dangerous situations. They can work with police and other law enforcement personnel to handle security events safely and effectively.

Control Access

Having a security member on-site can help protect all areas of the property. Protection is critical, for example, when you’re expecting a site visitor. The guard can verify their identity and then help direct them across the worksite.

Security guards can also ensure that employees have a safe way to enter the property and help remove those who might cause a disturbance. Guards offer companies the ideal way to control what happens on their worksite.

The Business Impact of Having Security Guards on Your Site

So, now that we’ve talked a little more about the day-to-day role and the immediate benefits that security guards can bring when they secure your construction site, we’ll examine the role of security alongside the impact it might have on your business.

Security guards can help your company to:


Your happy workforce will be able to work in peace knowing they are protected should an issue occur. This comfort means work teams can focus on their job and achieve a higher level of productivity. Companies will begin to see the value of security services on their bottom line in just a short time after deploying security guards.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Your insurance company will recognize your commitment to securing your construction facilities. You will likely be able to reduce your insurance premiums by hiring a security guard, as insurance companies recognize that security experts can significantly decrease potentially costly events on the site.

Save Money on Machine Replacement

A security guard on-site watching over your property, your company will experience fewer cases of machinery damage. Vandals are unlikely to break into a facility they know is being actively monitored by security guards. So, your team can consolidate costs related to machine replacement and repair over the coming years.

Why Each Construction Site Needs Security Guards

Your construction company faces several challenges throughout the working day. Implementing a proactive security strategy and deploying professional security guards in your property is a great way to counteract many of these challenges.

Security guards can help to resolve the following issues:

Rising Insurance Costs

A proactive risk-mitigation strategy saves your construction company money on its insurance costs for the long term. When you face rising insurance costs, review the possibility of hiring security and discuss the benefits with your insurance firm. You’ll likely save thousands of dollars per year on your coverage costs when you hire qualified guards.

Limited Protection for Equipment

A security guard watching over your equipment is the best way to safeguard your investment in the newest construction tools. Companies often spend tens of thousands of dollars on forklifts and other construction vehicles. A security guard can make sure that this investment is safe and that your company can focus solely on its construction projects.

Low Employee Morale

Construction site morale can dip when the number of incidents occurring on-site rises over time. If the area in which you’re working is a high-crime neighbourhood, then your team might be dealing with issues such as nearby drug use or petty theft. You can help protect employees working in this type of area by employing around-the-clock security. Professional security teams can watch for nearby criminal activity and act quickly to protect your teams. When you hire security guards, you show that you value your workforce, which can improve morale.

Protect Your Team and Equipment with Experienced Security Guards

Qualified security teams act quickly and respond to potentially dangerous events on construction sites. They can help protect your team against potential danger and guard equipment against theft and vandalism.

If you have an upcoming construction project, then take action now to secure your worksite. Only by hiring qualified security professionals can you protect your company and its assets over the many months it will take for the project to be completed. Your team and the local community will appreciate your commitment to their security.

Few investments offer a greater return than highly skilled, ready-to-serve security guards. Review the options in your area today and take a proactive approach to site security.

Image by bridgesward from Pixabay.

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