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Tigerking Digital Security Safe Review

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Tigerking Digital Security Safe

If you have been looking for a home safe that has a bit of style, you may not have a lot of luck. Even the best home safes on the market look, well, boring and functional.

Looks aren’t everything when it comes to security. We understand that. Even so, when you are going to have something in your home, you want it to look at least half-way presentable. After all, no one wants a gun-metal-gray steel box sitting in the corner of the room, do they?

When we first saw the Tigerking digital safe, it was its looks that first caught our attention. But, will this digital safe protect your valuables from thieves? Or, is this one security product that is nowhere near as good as it looks. Here’s what we found out about the Tigerking digital security safe box.

Tigerking Safes – Overview

Tigerking is a Chinese company founded in 2000. They first started to export safes to the US and other countries in 2007.

The company manufactures a wide range of safes. Tigerking safes look way more stylish than other home safes. They also have some unique security features.

For our review, we chose the 1.34 cubic feet capacity BGX-D1-48YZ digital security safe box. Tigerking also sells a wide range of other safes with different specs.

Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ Fashion Safe Box

The Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ Fashion Safe Box is a very stylish-looking home security safe. It would be good for home use and for use in a small office. At 1.34 cubic feet capacity, it’s not the largest safe that you could buy. Even so, this safe would be good for storing documents, jewelry, and handguns.

Tigerking Safe Review, Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ Fashion Safe Box, Home Safe, Home Security, Office Safe, Hotel Safe, Tigerking Digital Safe

Sturdy Construction

The Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ Fashion Safe has a thick steel plate outer body. The door, which is 2.8 inches thick, has four 1-inch live-locking bolts.

The safe looks well-built and sturdy. The manufacturer says that it uses hi-tech welding in the construction of the safe. The safe weighs 57 pounds. This Tigerking safe comes with pre-drilled holes for securing to wall. This would be necessary as the weight alone would not prevent this safe for getting stolen.

Electronic Locking

The safe has a sophistic electronic dual locking mechanism. You can unlock it using either a key plus a digital combination. Or, the key along with a second emergency override key will unlock it. There is also an option for setting a guest combination.

Built-in Alarm

The Tigerkng BGX-D1-48YZ also has an alarm. That’s a feature that other home security safes lack. If someone enters three incorrect combinations, the alarm will sound. The alarm is also triggered by strong vibrations. So, if someone tries to drill into the safe, or smash it open, the alarm will go off.

Well-designed Interior

The inside of the safe looks as good as the exterior. There is a soft inner-coating to prevent the contents of the safe from getting scratched. There is a removable shelf inside the safe.

The safe measures 15 x 12.6 x 18.9 inches around the exterior. The internal measurements are 14.1 x 9.4 x 17.5 inches. As we mentioned before, this is not a huge safe, but it’s big enough for most home users.

What Are Customers Saying About the Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ Digital Safe?

Customer reviews of the Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ are mostly positive. At the time of writing this review, the safe has a 4.4 out of 5 customer rating on Amazon.

The most common complaints about the safe appear to be about the need to use a key and the combination. A few people have made negative comments about this. Even so, the dual entry system is a good security feature. If you want fast access to a safe, your best choice would be a biometric safe. But biometric safes can suffer from false fingerprint readings.

Our Opinion

Tigerking Safe Review, Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ Fashion Safe Box, Home Safe, Home Security, Office Safe, Hotel Safe, Tigerking Digital SafeThe Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ digital safe is a good-quality safe for the price. It’s not tested as a fireproof or waterproof safe. It would, though, be a good, general-purpose, home security safe.

The main purpose of home safes in this price range is to deter theft. The Tigerking would do that. You could argue that the gold and mahogany-brown exterior make the safe too obvious. But no thief is going to miss a safe sitting in the room, whether it’s stylish-looking, or it looks like a steel box. Anyway, if you wanted to hide a safe, you would choose a hidden wall safe.


As always, we stress that, for very valuable items, you should have a safe installed by a professional safe installer. You would need that to meet the requirements of your insurers. For most home users, though, the Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ digital safe would be a good choice. Plus, it has the added advantage of that it looks a whole lot nicer than most other safes.

Tigerking BGX-D1-48YZ Fashion Safe Box
Features Summary
  • 34 cubic feet capacity.
  • Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Digital lock with manual override
  • Dual alarm system
  • Advanced LED smart panel
  • Well-designed interior
  • Very stylish looking


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