TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review – Pepper Spray with GPS Alert

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TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review

We found this product when we were doing our research for our Best Pepper Spray / OC Spray Reviews. We were so impressed with the TigerLight D.A.D. 2 that we decided to give its own featured review page. The TigerLight D.A.D. 2 is an innovative non-lethal self-defense product. Bluetooth voted it one of the top twenty most innovative products. The TigerLight D.A.D. 2 combines pepper spray with a GPS alert system and an LED flashlight. On paper, it looks like a superb self-defense product for everyone, including runners and college students. But, did it live up to expectations? Read our TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review to find out!

TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review – The Features

TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review, Defense Alert Device, Pepper Spray, GPS Alert,

First in our TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review, we are going to look at the specs of the D.A.D. 2. The “D.A.D” stands for Defense Alert Device. The Tigerlight D.A.D. 2 is a combined pepper spray and GPS / Bluetooth alert device. It gives you the means to fight back, and let other people know that you are in danger. It was that clever combination of self-defense tools that first attracted our attention. This is, we believe, the first product to do this. Here’s a rundown of the main features of the TigerLight D.A.D. 2:

Features Summary
  • Military Strength Sabre Red Pepper Spray
  • Multi-mode LED Flashlight
  • Crowd Alert with GPS Location
  • Friends and Family Alert with GPS Location
  • Polycarbonate Body / “Non-weapon” Appearance
  • Easy to Hold Handgrip

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Military Strength Sabre Red Pepper Spray

Rather than attempt to develop their own formula, TigerLight has used the tried and trusted SABRE Red pepper spray in the D.A.D. 2. We think that is a good move. After all, SABRE Red is the world’s leading pepper spray, so it would be hard to beat. The OC spray is emitted in an accelerated cone pattern. It will deliver up to 8 short bursts over a maximum range of 6-8 feet.

Multi-mode LED Flashlight

In the base of the TigerLight D.A.D. 2, there is a bright LED flashlight. The flashlight has five settings. They are high, low, constant strobe, panic strobe, and SOS strobe. The flashlight is 150 Lumens. So, it provides a decent amount of light in an emergency. It could also be used to shine in an assailant’s eyes to dazzle them. And, it will attract attention and let people where you are in an emergency.

Friends and Crowd Alert with GPS Location

The two alert systems are what set the TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Pepper Spray apart from other pepper sprays. The alert system operates via Bluetooth to an app on your phone. You can use the alert system without using the pepper spray. You trigger the alerts and fire the pepper spray using a thumb-press button on the top of the device. Click once and you send the alerts. Push the button all the way forward and you fire the pepper spray as well. This is a neat design. It means you can trigger the alerts and fire the OC spray in one go.

Alerts are sent to your friends and family list on the D.A.D. 2 app. They are also sent to any other people within in a 1-mile radius who have the D.A.D. 2 app installed on their phone. The message sent says that you are in danger and it includes your GPS location.

If it was a false alarm, or the danger has passed, you can then send an “I’m Ok message”. The sending of this message is protected by a personal PIN on the app. That stops the bad guys cancelling the alert.

Polycarbonate Body / “Non-weapon” Appearance

The TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Defense Alert Device is available in a choice of three colors on Amazon. The choices available are chrome, gun metal and metallic pink. The device doesn’t look like a weapon, so you could carry it with you anywhere. Subject, of course, to local regulations on the use pepper spray.

The body of the D.A.D. 2 is Polycarbonate. That’s the same material that football helmets are made of. In other words, this is a tough device. Because of this tough material and the way that you hold the device, it could be used as a striking weapon. The TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Defense Alert Device is water resistant too, so a bit of rain won’t harm it.

Easy to Hold Handgrip

The D.A.D. 2 has an easy to hold hand grip and a hand strap. It sits comfortably in your hand, whether you are walking, or out running. When you are holding it, your thumb is naturally in the right position the press the firing button should you need it. The device measures 5 x 1 x 1.75 inches. It weighs 4.4 ounces. You could easily carry it in your bag if you wanted to.

TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review – The Verdict

The TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Pepper Spray is an innovative product that has unique features. Combing a pepper spray, GPS alert system and flashlight into one device is a great idea.

The crowd alert feature is a good idea, but it won’t be very effective in sparsely populated areas. The only way that the “heroes” are going to come to your aid is if they have the D.A.D. 2 app and they are within range. Having said that, this feature could be great for use as a college student safety product. If a group of college friends all bought the device, it would provide excellent protection for them all.

The pepper spray is military strength Sabre Red pepper spray. That’s a tried and trusted pepper spray that is used by police departments. The range and number of bursts, though, is not as great as you would get with some other self-defense sprays.

As far as customer reviews go, they are, with a few exceptions, very positive. A very small number of people appear to have some issues with the app sending false alerts. Some people have said that the device is too expensive.

We liked the TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Defense Alert Device. It is more expensive than regular pepper spray. But, if you were to add up the cost of a GPS alert device, a flashlight, and a pepper spray, the price would be comparable. It’s also worth noting that the pepper spray cartridges in the D.A.D. 2 are replaceable. So, it’s not a one use only product like most other pepper sprays are.

To summarize our TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review, we think that the TigerLight D.A.D. 2 pepper spray with GPS alert is an excellent self-defense product. It is more expensive than most other self-defense sprays, but other pepper sprays don’t include GPS alerts and they are not as well designed. We think that TigerLight have come up with a winning self-defense product!

Read Customer Reviews and Check Latest Price of TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Defense Alert Device

Buy TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Defense Alert Device on Amazon

TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review – The Conclusion

Many thanks for reading our TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative personal safety and security products. We do the hunting and the research, so you don’t have to. If you’d like to receive the occasional update from us on what’s new on Best Panic Alarm, please subscribe to our mailing list. If you liked this TigerLight D.A.D. 2 Review, please share it with your friends on social media. Thanks again for reading. Have a great day and stay safe!


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