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Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car

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Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car

Getting ready for a road trip with your dog in your car? For many dog lovers, a trip out in the car is no fun if they must leave their four-legged friend behind.

Travelling with your dog in the car is not always as straightforward as it might be. You can’t bundle your dog in the back and hope for the best.

Whether you are going on a long road trip or a short drive, you need to keep your pet safe.

Here’s out list top tips for keeping your dog safe in the car.

1. Don’t feed Your Dog Just Before You Set Out

It’s best not to feed your dog right before you set out in the car. Give your pet time to digest food before the trip. If you don’t, your pet may get car sick. That’s not much of a safety hazard, but it’s unpleasant for everyone in the car.

2. Don’t Feed Your Dog in the Car

If you are on a long drive, your dog might need feeding during the journey. Don’t feed your pet in a moving car, though. That too is likely to lead to car sickness. If your dog needs feeding on a road trip. Take a break. Feed your pet and then allow some time for the food to settle before you set off again.

3. Pack a Pet Traveling Bag

Have a checklist of what you will need to take with you for your dog. If it’s a long trip, you will need food, a food bowl, water, a leash, and any medication that your dog might need. If you want an easy way to carry all your pet supplies, check out these neat dog travel bags.

4. Never Leave Your Dog Alone in The Car

Whatever the weather, don’t leave your dog alone in your car. In the summer, cars get very hot very quickly. In the winter, they can also get very cold. A dog left alone in a car may get bored too. Your pet might start chewing on your car upholstery to relieve the boredom.

5. Carry Your Own Water

Put a large bottle of water in your pet traveling bag. It is best if you give your dog bottled water or water you have brought from home. Drinking water in another area that your dog is not used to might give your pet an upset stomach.

6. Use a Dog Seat Belt

Secure your dog in with a suitable seat belt and harness. Dog seat belts will stop your dog flying forward if you brake hard. It will prevent injury to your dog and to other people in the car. In some places, you must use a dog seat belt by law. You can also buy dog car booster seats for smaller dogs. These keep the dog safe and they stop the dog sliding around when you drive around corners.

7. Don’t Allow Your Dog to Put Its Head Outside the Window

Dogs love to put their heads out of the window when the car is moving. But it can be very dangerous for the dog. Your pet could get hit by flying objects if its head is out of the window when you are driving.

8. Get Your Dog Micro-chipped

Make sure that you have your dog micro-chipped for identification. When travelling, you should also have a collar on your dog that has a tag with your address, your destination and your phone number on it. Then, if your dog wanders off, you’ll have a much better chance of being reunited with your pet.

9. Don’t let Your Dog Distract You While You Are driving

Accidents can be caused by pets distracting the driver. To stop your dog distracting you, secure your pet in the back of a car with a pet seat belt, or put them in a pet travel crate.

Some dogs are happier in a crate when they travel in a car. If your dog prefers a bit more freedom to move around, then you could use a car pet barrier. That will stop your dog coming through between the two front seats.

10. Take Breaks

Finally, don’t forget to let your pet have some breaks on a long car journey. Your dog will need its potty breaks! Get your dog out of the car, give him water, and food if he needs it. Let him have a chance to get a bit of exercise. Taking plenty of breaks on a long car trip will make your dog a lot happier.


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