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What Is a Tactical Pen? – Find Out Here!

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What Is a Tactical Pen?

A tactical pen looks like an ordinary pen, but it also serves as a self-defense tool. Tactical pens are usually heavier and bigger than ordinary pens. They have metal bodies, rather than plastic, so they can be put to use as a striking or stabbing weapon. Some tactical pens are also multi-functional tools. They contain a flashlight and small tools, such as a screwdriver, a glass breaker and a bottle opener. A good example of a multi-function tactical pen is the TakeFlight self-defense pen pictured in the main image and the image below.

Because tactical pens are small and discreet, you can carry them with you most of the time. They should, though, be in your checked-in luggage when you take a flight on a commercial airline. If you keep a tactical pen in your pocket or your purse at other times, you will have a self-defense weapon at hand if you ever need it.

Are Tactical Pens Legal?

Tactical pens are legal. They can, though, cause serious injury. So, if a lawyer could prove that you were carrying a tactical pen intending to use it as a weapon, you could wind up in trouble. Unlike personal alarms that are for self-defense only, tactical pens can be used as a weapon. For that reason, some people will not be comfortable carrying one. Confronted by an attacker intent on harming you, though, most people would be glad to have an effective weapon to hand.

You should also be aware that tactical pens are not legal to carry in some countries. They are not permitted in the cabin of a commercial airline either. They should be carried in checked in luggage.

But, the question of when a pen is not a pen depends on what your intentions are. In other words, it’s not always clear cut.

Tips on Using a Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

Tactical pens can make a useful addition to your self-defense kit. It’s something that you can carry with you most places. It also has its everyday use as a pen. So, it’s one of the least conspicuous self-defense weapons that you can buy.

Tactical pens can be used as strike weapons or hitting weapons. You can stab an attacker with the pointed end or hit them with the other end. As mentioned above, strike pens of this sort can puncture the skin if used with enough force. It is possible to cause serious injuries with this type of self-defense product. Here’s a video that explains how to use a tactical pen for self-defense.

What Types of Tactical Pens are There?

Tactical pens vary a lot in quality and price. Some self-defense and survival companies give away a free self-defense pen as an introduction to their self-defense product range. The main thing to look for in tactical pen is the quality of the materials it is made of. The body should be made of something tough, like aircraft aluminium. If you want to use it as a regular pen as well, you should think about how slim it is and how comfortable it will be to write with.

Top of the range tactical pens also have an LED torch built into them. They may also have a multi-function tool. The multi-function tools are like mini Swiss Army knives. They may include a bottle opener, a scraping tool and a screwdriver.


Tactical pens are an effective self-defense tool in some situations. They will not suit everyone, though. You must be up close to an attacker to use a striking pen of this sort, and it can cause serious injury. We wouldn’t suggest that you don’t use a tactical pen as your only self-defense product. Used as an everyday carry item, though, a tactical pen will provide a good, solid weapon with which you can defend yourself in an emergency.

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