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What is RFID Blocking and Do You Need It?

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What is RFID Blocking

As soon as RFID technology appeared, so did the fears of electronic theft. People said that thieves could take money straight from your card. People said thieves could steal your card details as well. The rumors about RFID theft led to thousands of RFID blocking products appearing. There’s everything from RFID blocking wallets to RFID blocking anti-theft backpacks.

Contactless payment using RFID cards is now widespread in some counties. It’s beginning to replace the use of cash. There’s been a slower uptake of the technology in the US, but that is about to change. From 2018, most cards issued will be RFID enabled. So, does that put you at risk of RFID skimming? Or, are things like RIFID blocking wallets unnecessary? Here’s the truth about RFID skimming and RFID blocking technology.

What Does RFID Stand For?

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification. It’s a technology that uses electromagnetic fields read small pieces of data. RFID tags are used in warehouses and on production lines to identify items of inventory. It’s RFID technology that is used in electronic pet tags. RFID technology is now also used in contactless payment and e-passports. There have been security concerns raised over RFID payment cards and e-passports. After all, one swipe with an RFID reader, and someone could steal money from you. Or, they could steal your passport details.

What Is RFID Skimming?

RFID skimming is a type of digital theft. Thieves can steal information held on RFID chips with an RFID reader. In theory, they can do this from a distance. If thieves had an RFID reader like stores do, in theory, they could take money from your account as well. Here’s a short video that shows you how easy it is to skim credit card details.

How Can You Prevent RFID Skimming?

Preventing RFID skimming is easy. There are lots of RFID blocking wallets and RFID blocking purses on the market. They are no more expensive than regular wallets. You can also buy inexpensive RFID blocking sleeves. You can insert these into your regular wallet or purse. Here’s a few examples of RFID blocking products:

How Does RFID Blocking Work?

RFID blocking is a lot simpler than you may have thought. You simply need to block the RFID signal with metal. Even wrapping your credit card in aluminium foil would protect you. But, only from RFID skimming from a distance. Aluminium foil is not 100% effective. RFID wallets and sleeves are a more sophisticated than that, but the principal is the same.

Do I Really Need and RFID Blocking Wallet?

The truth is that cases of RIFD skimming are still rare. The technology has also improved over the years. Most sensitive RFID data is now encrypted. The other reason that there has not been a huge amount of RFID crime is that it’s not usually worth the risk for a thief. They can make more money by stealing your physical card and pin number. You are more likely to be the victim of a device attached to an ATM than you are to an RFID skimmer. There are very few reported real-life skimming crimes reported. But, this may be because people don’t know how their card details were stolen.

However, RFID technology is being used more and more. Security cards to gain entrance to buildings, for example, use RFID. So, the danger of RFID card cloning is increasing.

Do You Need an RFID Blocking Wallet? – The Truth

The use of RFID technology is increasing. E-passports, e-ID cards, and transit cards are a few examples. We don’t believe that there is any need to panic about RFID theft. However, RFID blocking products are cheap. So, you might as well protect yourself against the risk with some RFID blocking sleeves. We would also suggest that you think about RFID blocking the next time you buy a wallet, purse, or bag. It’s a simple way to protect yourself against a crime that might become more common in the future.

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