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What Is the Difference Between Cyber Security and Information Security?

Last Updated on December 12, 2021

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Difference Between Cyber Security and Information Security

Guest Post By: Brower IT Solutions

The advancement of technology has brought a major change to the working style. Everything is going digital. Be it a small or large-scale business, digital dominance has made them rely on the internet. In this digital era, having an online presence has become a necessity for businesses. From products to services, and even information, the customers need easy access to everything.

Going digital is not only about being present online. Your business needs a virtual version that you can have through an official website and social media accounts. These are the solid digital footprints that can help you in getting marketing success. However, just like other factors, technology also has some threats. In this digital era, the biggest threat to businesses is cyber-attacks. There is a time when information security and cybersecurity come into the light.

If you are a business owner, you can hire IT infrastructure security services and keep your business secured. However, before hiring these services, it is important to know about these terms. Generally, the business owners do not have much knowledge of the technology and they use cybersecurity and information security interchangeably. Both of these terms are related to the safety and security of the system against information breaches as well as data threats. This is the reason why businesses swap these terms.

Before putting a security framework, it is important for you to understand these essential terms. Having a clear knowledge of cybersecurity and information security would help you to discuss your requirements with the Network security technician easily. So, here are some points through which you can understand how cybersecurity and information security are different.

Cyber Security

From small to big, all the businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. As the businesses are going digital, it has become important for them to implement appropriate security protocols. It is the only way to protect the business against cyber threats. Cybersecurity is a practice through which the businesses/companies can safeguard their confidential data and information unauthorised access. Phishing, baiting, data breaching, etc. are some of the common cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is important to up-to-date the business with the latest cybersecurity procedures.

As compared to big companies, small companies are more prone to cyber threats. The potential hackers know that small companies have fewer resources due to which they do not invest much in security strategies and technologies. By implementing the security protocol, you can mitigate the cyber threats for your business as well as your customers. Through cybersecurity, you can protect your valuable data and information that is in electronic form. Along with the data, you can secure the resources as well as technologies that are involved in the data storage system.

Information Security

Many people consider data and information as the same. However, there is a difference between both. Data is basically a raw and unorganised form of facts. Whereas information is the organised form, structured, processed and meaningful form of data. The security of confidential information of a company is a significant task. Information security refers to the protection of the information of the company while focusing on the integrity, availability, and confidentiality aspects.

The process of safeguarding the information and information system from an authorised use, disclosure, modification, disruption, or destruction is known as information security. The information security is based on the integrity, confidentiality, and integrity of the information. These three essential aspects are defined below:

  • Integrity: It refers to the protection against the inappropriate modification or destruction of information and ensuring the nonrepudiation as well as the authenticity of the information.
  • Availability: It refers to ensuring reliable as well as timely access to and use of the information.
  • Confidentiality: It refers to conserving authorised restrictions on the disclosure as well as access. It also includes the means for safeguarding proprietary information and personal privacy.

Difference between Cyber Security and Information Security

Here are some factors that can help you in understanding the difference between the two essential technological terms i.e. Information Security and Cyber Security.

  • Definition: Cybersecurity is a practice of safeguarding the data, storage sources as well as related technologies from the cyber threats. On the other hand, information security is about the protection of information against unauthorised access that can result in the modification or destruction of data. Cybersecurity is concerned with the cyber realm as well as the data associated with it. On the other hand, information security focuses on the protection of information and ensuring the availability, integrity as well as confidentiality.
  • Protection: Basically, both terms are synonyms but there is a huge difference. Cybersecurity is about protecting the cyberspace from unauthorised digital access. It provides the protection of electronic data and deals with cyber frauds, cybercrimes. Information security is about the protection of information assets against unauthorised access, modification or destruction.
  • Security Professionals: Network security technicians are cybersecurity professionals who handle advanced persistent threats (APT). APT is an attack in which hacker gains access to the network and access the system for an extended duration without being detected. Whereas information security professionals prioritise the resources, first and then they deal with the threats.
  • Domain: Cybersecurity basically deals with the protection of anything that is present in the cyber realm like data, information or devices associated with it. It ensures the protection of personal information and social media profiles as well. On the other hand, the information security deals with the protection of both analogue as well as a digital form of information.


Both cybersecurity and information security are essential for the business as these protocols ensure the value of data. The cybersecurity focuses on the protection of security technologies and information of the company from the unauthorised digital access. The information security protocol ensures the protection of information assets of the company from any form of threat.

Therefore, by hiring the IT infrastructure security services, you can ensure the protection of your business. The security professionals possess the knowledge of the serves, devices, and networks. They provide appropriate and advanced solutions for securing your information assets as well as infrastructure.

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