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Why Access Control Systems Are More Important Now Than Ever at Workplaces

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Why Access Control Systems Are More Important Now Than Ever at Workplaces

Guest Post By: Rajan Desai

In recent years, access control systems have helped to protect workers from themselves. Now, they can be found in a variety of places throughout a work environment.

Some common uses include key card-controlled entry and exit points for facilities, building access controls with card readers and swipe cards to cut down on potential fraud, and laptop bag scanners at the entrance of company buildings as another form of identification. They’re also now common at airports as one more security measure against terrorist attacks.

How Are Access Control Systems Used in Today’s Office Building?

Now, access control systems are common in offices. An increasing number of companies have geofencing to different parts of the building for security. There are card readers at doors that allow employees with certain key cards to enter buildings without having to swipe their card more than once.

These access control systems are also found in some locations that require memberships or identification cards before gaining entrance. And many companies use technologies like biometrics, fingerprinting technology and facial recognition software to keep track of who is entering the building and when they’re doing it.

How Can Access Control Systems be Used in Fitness Facilities?

In addition to controlling who enters a facility, access control systems can also be used to keep track of users. This feature can be useful in fitness facilities and gyms. In many cases, the entry points include a card reader to check for an electronic pass card or smart card that can then be scanned from a distance or from within a mobile device. And depending on the version of these systems installed, they may have controls in place to prevent people from entering if the system determines there’s been too much inappropriate use in a short amount of time.

With these types of access control systems, access to the facility is generally limited to a certain number of hours each day, and users will be required to wait until allotted time slots before entering. Some decide on a number of different levels for this type of accountability.

Other access control systems today also offer small-business owners take advantage of technology that can keep track of how many times an employee comes into the workplace every day, and that can create an audit trail against someone who may have violated the policy or company rules by working too many hours at their desk while not properly logging out. These types of systems often include motion detection sensors and cameras.

Who Makes Access Control Systems Today?

McKinney is a manufacturer of a wide range of computer hardware and software products, including smart card readers, POS terminals, printers and barcode scanners. It also offers access control systems that feature biometrics or fingerprinting technology to help identify users.

The company’s product portfolio also includes contactless technologies that require only an electronic pass card or other form of identification to gain access to facilities. And some other manufacturers may offer other solutions for controlling who enters the building.

How Can Access Control Systems Help Large Companies?

Companies can gain even more benefits when their access control systems include biometrics, much like the ones used in the airport for security against terrorists. These types of solutions can help build trust in employees that they’ll be able to scan their ID cards during certain times of day and still get paid for the hours they’ve labored.

And this type of technology is also useful if companies need to make sure people are logging out at night or on weekends, or if there’s someone working who doesn’t generally work in that department, perhaps a contractor who might make extra money by stealing information from other areas.

And with access control systems that provide access to confidential information on a computer, information of critical importance to the company can be located and monitored from a central point on the network. This way, employees won’t have to look through papers or on their laptops or smartphones for virtually anything related to their jobs, and they’ll be able to quickly locate documents and data on a company’s file servers. Some companies may also need to know what files are being accessed by employees for audits or troubleshooting purposes.

In order for some companies to offer more efficient work environments that feature security features, those same companies may even require those who use computers in the office environment to have an account on the network as part of their job responsibilities.

What Kind of Software is Used in Access Control Systems?

With the wide range of access control solutions to choose from, it’s important that system integrators and other professionals who want to know more about their options should do some research first.

Many other types of software are available for managing information on networked computers, including accounting packages like QuickBooks and project management applications like Microsoft Office 365.

And there are other applications that offer more security-related features, including anti-virus software, spam filters and firewalls. There are also many other types of programs rather than simply word processors or editing programs for documents, spreadsheets or presentations.

Since different organizations have different needs for access control systems, installing the best system or products may require some customization for each particular company. And because of that, these software packages are also available in a wide variety of package types, including selectable packages that may be purchased through a cloud-based third-party service provider.

What Are the Advantages of Access Control Systems?

There are so many benefits to using access control systems. Here are just a few:

1. Manufacturers often offer options to keep track of employees who have already been restricted from entering certain facilities or areas within the building.

2. Companies who upgrade to more sophisticated access control systems may need less office space because they can move employees to cubicles or smaller offices for their own desks, thereby freeing up even more space.

3. Employees will often have less downtime when they can do things on their own time, and they don’t have to wait for longer periods of time to use the building’s resources.

4. Employees will also probably feel safer working in a building with access control solutions in place, and if they’re not working as much overtime, it’ll help them be better prepared mentally and physically for family obligations. And if their children aren’t coming into the workplace during non-work hours, that also helps with productivity overall.

What Are Some of the Disadvantages of Access Control Systems?

Though there are some disadvantages to using access control systems, they’re generally more of a problem with the manual system. That’s because employees of a company who have been restricted from entering certain areas can normally just walk into one area that isn’t covered by the security system.

A more sophisticated solution would have to be more of a deterrent and will probably cost more money up front than simple solutions. But if someone does get past the more traditional security systems, they’ll have to get through several other types of safeguards before they can get inside a facility or area where sensitive data is being stored. That’s not something that someone could do very easily.

Who Can I Contact for the Installation of Access Control Systems?

Traditional companies and big companies may rely on companies like Breakthru Solutions for their access control systems and other security-related hardware and software solutions. But this type of company will also work with small business owners and larger companies. And for individuals, it’s possible to purchase access control systems that can help protect computers and other electronic devices that employees use at home or in their workplaces.

If you’re interested in these types of electronic systems, contact a company like Breakthru Solutions to learn more about what options you have for submitting an application and getting the equipment installed in the building where you work.

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